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Epimeron enhances the commercial production of high-value bioproducts of its Synthetic Biology partners. We discover, deploy, and optimize genes that underlie key plant biochemical functions needed for maximum product yield.

The modern discipline of synthetic biology has enabled the transfer of plant genes into commercially viable host systems, such as bacteria and yeast. This process allows the development of new, cost-effective, industrial-scale, and environmentally friendly de novo biosynthetic methods. These improved processes can replace older extraction manufacturing methods that relied on isolation of raw materials from harvested crops. Commercial products that may now be made in this way include compounds that address a broad diversity of sectors, from health to industrial to energy and even personal care sectors.

An in-depth understanding of how the original plant synthesis pathway functions is essential to achieve cost effective yields from a reconstituted pathway expressed in a non-native organism. Here is where Epimeron provides the critical solutions. Our deep knowledge of native plant systems and our significant expertise in plant genomics and metabolomics allow us to identify and resolve biosynthetic pathway bottlenecks, resulting in maximum yield and efficiency from manufacturing outputs.

Epimeron’s business is the enablement of its corporate partners in realizing the full potential of synthetic biology in their manufacturing programs.

Remove your commercialization bottlenecks

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